Sequoia Systems delivers enterprise success by enabling companies to conduct business online. We build high-end, mission-critical transactional and collaborative systems. Using technology, we can enhance the value of your business.

Sequoia Systems believes that the best e-business solutions are the ones that permeate an organization, leveraging existing business processes instead of contriving new ones. By developing e-business solutions in accordance with that philosophy, we deliver scalable, enterprise-wide solutions that meet the challenges of today and that you can rely on tomorrow.

Sequoia Systems consultants are skilled in assisting companies across the entire e-business spectrum, from a corporation with a sophisticated end-to-end Internet offering, to an organization with simple transaction capability and to even a company that has yet to formulate an e-strategy.

For the more advanced player, Sequoia Systems "operationalizes" the defined e-strategy. Sequoia Systems's philosophy is that a company must integrate its e-strategy into the overall business strategy to realize tangible business benefits. To do this, Sequoia Systems examines people, process, and technology simultaneously to develop a customized road map for the e-strategy. This road map prioritizes e-strategy projects and defines the return on investment for each initiative, paving the way for e-business success. For organizations that lack a solidly defined plan, Sequoia Systems can help develop the initial e-strategy and then provide the leadership and creativity to operationalize it. Finally, Sequoia Systems is committed to partnering with companies to implement the operationalized e-strategy using proven leadership and problem-solving skills to sustain critical momentum and deliver measurable results in the shortest time frame possible.

Sequoia Systems is on the forefront of e-business, continually researching and developing ways to include more people in an enterprise—both those within it as well as vendors, suppliers, business partners and customers.