Expanding. Building. Innovating. 

Find a great home for your technology business

Sequoia Systems is focused on acquiring software companies to guide into the next chapter of success. We will devote 100% of our time and effort to safeguarding the employee and customer relationships, creating your dream exit, or moving your company to the next level.  With our considered and planned approach,  you won’t have to compromise on the value or timing of your exit after spending years building business. 

Sequoia Systems acquires, invests, nurtures and cultivates industry specific software businesses.

Investment Criteria

  • Cloud based platform or potential to migrate to cloud 
  • Industry specific software solution 
  • Minimum $500k annual revenue. Our ideal target is $1M-$50M annual revenue 
  • Recurring or highly repeating sales


  • Supply Chain Software
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Software
  • Laboratory Information Management Systems Software (LIMS)
  • Manufacturing Software
  • Finance Software (Banking, Credit Card processing)
  • Brokerage Software (CRM, Client Financials, Front Office, Compliance)


  • Owner(s) seeking liquidity and/or transition
  • Strong sales focus
  • Maintain employee high retention