Here today, gone tomorrow. That's the way it goes with some companies. You get a cool atmosphere, the latest technology, great benefits, and then,kaput. It doesn't have to be that way. At the Sequoia Systems, you get everything they offer, with one difference. We'll still be in the game. 

Sequoia Systems is an award winning software consulting and development firm exceeding client expectations. In other words, we make sure other companies don't go kaput. We've been around since 2001 - when the Internet was still in diapers. We've been here and we'll be here. New digital businesses are evolving and we're looking for new talent to be with us! 

Find the Right Match 
In the technology industry, things change in the blink of an eye. Sequoia Systems employees are agile and resilient people who work together to make things happen in the midst of industry changes. They are talented professionals who naturally strive to exceed client expectations. Sequoia Systems values teamwork, continuous learning, a commitment to adding value, doing things right, and balanced lifestyles. If you are a top-notch professional who can make things happen, we encourage you to apply and join the Sequoia Systems team!

Be Partners in Success 
Sequoia Systems creates a work environment where people enjoy working. Our innovative People Strategy team was developed to ensure that Sequoia Systems employees continue to enjoy their jobs. Happy employees lead to satisfied clients and successful business; a win-win-win philosophy. The People Strategy team ensures that employees are receiving the right development opportunities and that their careers are heading in the right direction.